About us

During our travelling in South East Asia we fell in love with the culture and the many beautifull artifacts wich are produced by the local people there.

We decided to make our profession from our passion and started a webshop to share this beautifull pieces of art with other people all over the world.

On regular base we travel to Asia to look for new artefacts to sell in our webshop.

We buy all our artefacts from local people who have small workshops so they get a better price and they have a better income then they have to sell to the wholesale market.

Many of our products are unique pieces and most of the time we have only one piece available of it.

We always trie to find unique and original pieces to sell in our webshop and do the qualitycontrol ourselves.

We are also interested in antiques, curiosa, retro and upcycling projects so we also have an assortiment of this available in our webshop.